M2M MULTI2000臺式超聲波相控陣探傷儀



MULTI2000產品系列基于多路復用架構,具有靈活的性價比。 M2M的暢銷產品是32x128配置。 還提供16x64,64x256和128x512通道配置。


acquisitionHardware acquisition gates, software gates, synchronization of gates
Acquisition trigger on event (threshold, echo, etc.), acquisition on user-specified trigger (e.g. time, coder)
Choice of data (e.g., RF, peaks, elementary A-Scan), real-time imaging, user-specified configuration
Public file format for parameters (XML) and data (binary), max. data flow 30 MB/s
phased-arrayCustomized focusing, electronic scanning, sectorial scanning
Inspection modes: pulse-echo and transmit-receive modes, DDF with dynamic aperture
32 MB hardware RAM (enabling fast multiplexing), corrected images (e.g., sectorial B-Scan, C-Scan)
pulsersAdjustable voltage: 30 to 200V with 1V step, negative rectangular pulse
Adjustable width: 30 ns to 625 ns, step of 2.5 ns, rise time < 10 ns (200V, 50 ?), max. PRF: 30 KHz
receiversBandwidth: 0.8 to 20 MHz, adjustable gain on each channel from 0 to 80 dB
Adjustable analog DAC on 80 dB (max. 40 dB/µs) synchronized on events
Cross-talk between two channels > 50 dB, max. input signal amplitude: 0.8 Vpp
digitizerDigitizing and real-time summation on 8-channel boards, dynamic range: 10 bits, FIR filters
Max. sampling frequency: 100 MHz (adjustable from 100 MHz to 6.6 MHz)
Input impedance: 50 ?, global delay: 0 up to 1.6 ms, step of 10 ns
Delay-laws at transmission/reception: 0 to 20 µs, step of 2.5 ns
Digitizing depth: up to 50,000 samples (4,000 samples max. per elementary channel)
embedded processors2 CPU (PowerPC) on CPU board
hardware configurationMultiplexed architecture: 16x64-, 32x128-, and 64x256-channel
NDT simulationCIVA subset into Multi2000 software, complete description of the inspection configuration
Focal-laws and associated ultrasonic field computation
compatibilityCIVA, NDT kit / ULTIS
platformWindows-based PC, USB2 link between Hardware and PC (desktop or laptop)
dimensions(16X64, 32x128) L x W x H: 316mm x 342mm x 133mm - Weight: ~7.5 kg
(64x256) L x W x H:  436mm x 449mm x 133mm - Weight: ~11 kg
I-O2 Hypertronix connectors, 8 encoders input, 2 external triggers
1 USB2, 16 analog inputs, 4 LEMO connectors (type 00) (up to 8 optional)